About Us

Our mission at Greens and Things is simple: Keep everything green.

To make our mission a reality, we start with our ingredients. Our goal is to source all of our food as local as possible, connecting with local farmers, and hopefully growing our own ingredients in the future. Moving forward, Greens and Things has purchased farmland and indoor growing facilities to help support our mission. Please be patient with us as we strive to maintain our promise to you.

Keeping everything green also means to make everything Earth-friendly. From our cups & lids that are made with a vegetable-based plastic, to our wood-made utensils, we strive to be as compostable and recyclable as possible.

At Greens and Things, we want to provide you the highest quality experience and ingredients at the best price possible, and we want to feed the community. None of this could be done without our amazingly talented and dedicated crew that makes sure that your food is handled properly in a completely safe working environment.

We here at Greens & Things are here to care for your food from beginning to end. Our goal is simple; to provide you with a year-round, conscience free, flavor filled dining experience that will Knock Your Socks Off, and warm the deepest parts of your home-grown soul. Please come and join us along our path as we cook, build, and farm our way back to when food was raised well and prepared right.


Findlay Greens and Things